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What is Azuri?

What if you could look younger, feel better and live longer? Azuri is the pinnacle of facial rejuvenation, body sculpting and regenerative medicine in Miami Beach. Our medical and surgical specialists use the most advanced injectables, lasers and lights, body contouring, PRP, growth factors and stem cell therapy to help you do just that.

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Face Treatments

Facial Aesthetics and Rejuvenation

Cleanse and hydrate your skin. Smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Erase spots and uneven pigmentation. Reduce redness and rosacea. Eliminate acne and prevent breakouts. Lift and tighten without surgery. Reverse skin aging. Learn how you can restore your glow with advanced injectables, hydrafacial, broad band light, PRP and laser facial treatments in Miami Beach.


Your Body

Body Treatments

Body Contouring

Trim and tone your body. Smooth cellulite. Tighten loose or sagging skin. Lift and resist gravity. Achieve the perfect shape. Remove unwanted hair. Reduce the appearance of scars. See how easily you can get the body you want with non-surgical body contouring, body lifts, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, laser hair removal, laser scar resurfacing and precision body sculpting in Miami Beach.


your Core

Core Treatments

Regenerative Medicine

Slow the degeneration of your joints. Resist illness and disease. Reverse the aging process. Realize your healing potential. Rebuild the body naturally. Improve your sexual performance. Restore your libido. Discover how you can activate the regenerative power of the body with platelet rich plasma, growth factor and stem cell therapy in Miami Beach.

Receive An Instant Virtual Consultation

Using our virtual consultation, you are able to identify the area(s) of your body where you have concerns. Click on an area of concern, and we’ll recommend tailored solutions for you.


Discover The Perfect Treatment

Forever Young BBL fresh face for life
Halo Laser go without makeup
CoolSculpting freeze the fat away
Hydrafacial face life face first
Forever Clear BBL clear skin in a flash
Nova Threads lift, tighten, enhance
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This place rocks! Great opportunity to chart your progress with advanced 3D face and body imaging.

-Mitch Abrahams

Love the staff and all the cool equipment, for sure cutting edge.

-Arthur Percy

Amazing staff and the latest in technology for making you feel and look your best !! I can’t wait to come back again!!
-Paola Ekelund

Amazing experience, great use of new technology, and a broad range of services. Staff was friendly and made my visit fun.

-Aaron Hammer