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Did you know that only about 50% of women orgasm during sexual intercourse according to Kontula, O., & Miettinen, A. in their 2016 study?  Dr. Runnels, founder of the O-Shot® (“Orgasm Shot”) – which uses your own platelet rich plasma from your blood for rejuvenation – states that one out of ten (1 out of 10!) women never enjoy an orgasm throughout their entire life!

Having an orgasm is extremely healthy for you – it increases oxytocin (the “happy” hormone), blood flow to the brain, and instant happiness all over! Nonetheless, many women still struggle to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

The O-Shot® is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment to help you have the most amazing orgasms (I can attest to this statement myself). If that’s not enough, the O-Shot® can also help with bladder leakage and prevent you from getting urinary tract infections. One shot of your own platelet rich plasma from your own blood can last up to – or often more than – a year. I had my O-Shot® done in July 2019, and as of the writing of this blog (October 2019) I have not experienced a single UTI, BV, or yeast infection.

The O-Shot® is a painless process and takes less than 3 minutes to inject your G-spot and clitoris, minus the 15-20 minutes of numbing. We use your own blood, then centrifuge it with our advanced PRP (platelet rich plasma) machine and inject it into your vaginal tissue, clitoris and the G-spot. The PRP works by stimulating stem cells, collagen, and blood vessels, essentially reviving your vaginal area, which increases your response to stimulation. After the treatment, you will discover an increase in your libido and being able to orgasm more effortlessly, quickly, and with much more intensity! Note to self…Do NOT wear tight pants for a little while after the O-Shot® (hint-hint).

Having a healthy sex life truly plays a significant role in your everyday life – you can reclaim your happiness and relieve those daily stresses! The O-Shot® can generate healthier vaginal tissue and can heighten your sensitivity areas in both your vagina and clitoris, helping you reach a sensational, mind-blowing orgasm with much less effort! Get the O-Shot® and say goodbye to your stress – it’s that simple! Whether you recently gave birth, are experiencing menopause, or even the stresses of life are just getting in your way – you may be having a tough time reaching an orgasm during sex. Your mentality plays a role as well, but if you could reach your climax in a shorter and much more intense time, then it’s a win-win for everyone. It can also introduce multiple orgasms, so let the games keep going!

Experience an increased sex drive…
More than 40% of women according to America women suffer from symptoms of sexual dysfunction and having a low libido, according to Kontula, O., & Miettinen, A. (2016). Men in this world have the “little blue pill” as their trick up the sleeve… but (i) where is the “little blue pill” for women, and (ii) are pills really the answer? There is a version of the pill, and while it seems to work to a certain degree, you must sign a sworn statement to your physician prescribing it that you will never drink alcohol while on this magical pill…. and it has one kind of important potential adverse side effect: death. Yup, that is the actual risk you could be taking, or you could try the O-Shot® and go the natural route, using your own body’s regenerative effects to take your sex life to the next level.

Schedule the O-shot® with AZURI
If you are one of the many women out there who struggle with reaching an orgasm or if you want to elevate your orgasms to another level of pleasure – let’s schedule your consultation today. At Azuri, we specialize in women’s sexual health and overall well-being, and we provide wide variety of high-quality, state-of-the-art treatments, performed by a staff of highly trained and skilled specialists, whose focus is on the patient experience and results. Bring back the spark in the bedroom and get the orgasm you’ve always desired by scheduling your consultation today!