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Rebuild Your Body with Stem Cell Therapy in Miami Beach

Most of the cells in the body slowly lose their ability to repair tissue damage caused by aging and degenerative processes. Stem cells are different. These pluripotential cells have the ability to heal damaged tissues and can release cellular signals that can slow or even reverse degenerative processes. Skin aging, hair loss, decrease in sexual function, arthritis and more can improve with stem cell therapy in Miami Beach.

Stem cells have the capacity to aid in the repair of damaged tissues. In adults, these pluripotential cells can be isolated from bone marrow, fat, and peripheral blood. These stem cells reintroduced back into the areas of injury or degeneration to stimulate regeneration of different cell types including aging skin and damaged cartilage in joints. In this way, stem cells are capable repairing tissues damaged by injury or aging. Stem cell technology is at the cutting edge of the new paradigm of regenerative medicine — the potential is limitless.

Regrow thinning hair, refresh your skin, reverse arthritis and improve sexual performance with stem cell therapy in Miami Beach.

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What It Is

Stem cell therapy is the application of grafts containing pluripotential cells, cells that release cellular signaling molecules that can stimulate the repair and regeneration of damaged body tissues. This advanced biologic technology is an emerging way to heal degenerative conditions associated with aging in a way that no other medical therapy can.

What It Does

The release of cellular signaling molecules by pluripotential cells directs the cells in damaged tissues to slow their degeneration and initiate natural reparative processes. This enables the body to heal tissues damaged by aging, injury and disease. With the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues, comes improved functioning and appearance.

What To Expect

Stem cell therapy applied judiciously has the potential to heal many degenerative conditions. Recent developments in these biologic grafts have shown tremendous benefits in improving degenerative conditions like arthritis, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, skin aging and many more.



Procedure Time30 Mins-2 Hrs
Recovery TimeNone
Visible Effects2 Days-2 Wks
Maximum Effect3-6 Months
MaintenanceIf Needed