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advanced regenerative therapy

BioRenew in Miami Beach

Connective tissue including tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bone, skin, and fascia support the structure and function of the body. When we get injured or age, our connective tissues become damaged, causing pain, inflammation, scar tissue, poor mobility and function. BioRenew in Miami Beach is a complete biologic used to supplement and replace this damaged connective tissue, restoring proper biologic balance and function.

BioRenew consists of structural components that shape and support the bodies tissues, growth factors and BioActive molecules responsible for tissue remodeling and proper function, and a BioActive cellular environment that connects cells and allows for proper signalling and cellular function. It is a complete biologic used to supplement and replace this damaged connective tissue, restoring proper biologic balance and function.

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What It Is

BioRenew is an advanced biologic treatment that contains a powerful combination of growth factors, collagen, and bio-active molecules. These 3 components are essential to support the bodies repair process. BioRenew is a breakthrough treatment that works with your body to restore it’s ability to heal, while reducing discomfort.

What It Does

BioRenew is proven immuno-suppressive, meaning it actively suppresses your body’s immune response, controlling inflammation. This leads to rapid discomfort reduction, while addressing your condition and no down time after treatment. The regenerative effects of BioRenew include improvement in common tendon, ligament, muscle injuries, mild arthritis and spine conditions, scar tissue treatment, dermal rejuventation, hair restoration, urinary control conditions, and sexual function enhancement.

What To Expect

The anti-inflammatory effects of Bio Renew will begin within 1-2 days of treatment. The restorative effects of Bio Renew growth factor therapy may become evident several weeks after treatment but will not have their peak effect until 2-3 months. Patients may see a substantial improvement in wrinkles and fine lines, hair thickness, joint function and sexual function depending on the specific application.



BioRenew Facial
Hair Restoration
Joint Therapy
Laser Assisted Delivery
O-Shot (BioRenew)
P-Shot (BioRenew)


Procedure Time30 Mins
Recovery TimeNone
Visible Effects1-2 Days
MaintenanceIf Needed

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