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light up your sex life

Enjoy Better Intimacy with diVaTyte in Miami Beach

Time takes it’s toll on the whole body, even the most intimate parts, and vaginal skin changes can affect women of all ages. Now with diVa Tyte in Miami Beach, women take charge of their bodies to feel sensual and confident, and enjoy intimacy more.

DiVa Tyte is a broad band light treatment that penetrates deep into external vaginal skin to stimulate more collagen and elastin production, giving a more pleasing appearance and improving skin tone. Improved blood flow and sensory nerve regeneration increase sensation and the intensity of orgasm.

This painless treatment is specifically deisgned to improve the enjoyment of sex for women. Start having more pleasurable sex. Try diVaTyte in Miami Beach today.

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What It Is

diVa Tyte is a non-ablative treatment using visible and infrared light that is applied to the exterior vaginal skin to gently heat the dermal layer. It is a painless procedure that can be done with no anesthesia. The treatment is usually a series of 5 treatments performed 2 weeks apart.

What It Does

Gently heating the dermal layer of skin shrinks existing collagen and stimulate new collagen and elastin production. This photothermal effect increases the skin’s thickness and elasticity. Each subsequent treatment in the series helps to shrink the collagen formed since the previous procedure.

What To Expect

With diVaTyte, appearance and sensitivity begin to improve after the first treatment. Each treatment delivers progressive tightening, improved appearance and increased sensitivity for enhanced intimacy. You may also see improved lubrication and more intense orgasms.



Improved vulvar skin tone
Improved appearance
Increased sensitivity


Procedure Time15 Mins
Recovery TimeNone
Visible Effects2 Days-2 Wks
Interval2 Wks