Dramatically improve a scar’s appearance with lasers, BBL, and PRP 

Scar Removal in Miami Beach

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At AZURI, we specialize in creating a custom scar treatment plan determined by the features of your scarring for most effective scar elimination

We may use lasers, broad band light (BBL), microneedling, subscision, PRP, and stem cell therapy to make your scar virtually disappear

This powerful combination therapy targets the features of your unique scars to treat the irregular pigmentation and texture scars cause

We can treat any type of scar, including acne, surgical, C-Section, burns, and more with varying recovery time



what it is

Laser scar resurfacing is a combination of treatment modalities designed specifically to target the features of individual scars. It frequently involves several of the following treatments: ProFractional laser, Halo hybrid fractional laser, broad band light (BBL), microneedling, subscision and soft tissue remodeling with platelet rich plasma (PRP), fat grafting, growth factors and stem cell therapy.

what it does

This series of multi-modal treatments targets the contour, texture and pigmentation of scars to reduce the appearance of scars. Soft tissue remodeling with PRP, growth factors, stem cells and fat grafting smooth any contour irregularities. ProFractional laser improves the texture of the surface of the scar. Halo laser and BBL reduce the irregular pigmentation of scars. The ultimate goal is a scar you can’t see or feel.

what to expect

Almost all scars will have a significant improvement in their appearance with laser scar resurfacing. Each scar is different and the combination of treatments used to optimize your results will depend on the character of the scar. Scar resurfacing usually requires a series of treatments to get the best results. At the end of the treatment, you will see that it’s worth it.

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3 MONTHS POST 2 TREATMENTS   *courtesy of Joel Cohen MD




3 MONTHS POST 2 TREATMENTS   *courtesy of Joel Cohen MD




1 TREATMENT   *courtesy of Christopher Zahary MD

frequently asked questions

What types of scars can be treated at AZURI?

We can resurface or remodel any scar using some or all of the aforementioned treatments. If you have surgical scars, acne scars, a C-Section scar, burns, or a traumatic scar, it can be treated here at AZURI.

What can I expect during the treatment?

Treatment length and type will vary for each patient, as we customize our treatments to what will be most effective at eliminating your scarring. Your AZURI specialist will go over all the pre and post-treatment instructions with you, as well as what to expect during your treatment.

How long is the recovery from scar resurfacing?

Depending on the treatment(s) we perform, some patients will require no downtime or recovery at all, while others may require up to 2 weeks. Let us know how much time you can secure for recovery and this can help determine the best course of treatment.

What areas can be treated?

Most scars on most areas of the body can be treated with our scar resurfacing methods.

When will I see results from scar resurfacing in Miami Beach?

Depending on the treatment route, most patients see the results of their treatments after 10-21 days.

Will my scar(s) disappear completely?

There are no guarantees with cosmetic treatments. However, you can expect significant improvement in the scar's appearance. Your AZURI specialist will discuss specific expectations with you during your consultation to help you estimate results.


Our certified scar removal providers are ready to help you reduce the appearance of scars and gain confidence! We’re here to answer any questions you might have about our scar treatment techniques.