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Make Scars Disappear

Laser Scar Resurfacing In Miami Beach

They say that every scar tells a story. Maybe it’s something you want to remember, or maybe it’s not. Either way, write it in your journal or forget it altogether and get rid of your scar with laser scar resurfacing in Miami Beach.

For scar resurfacing in Miami Beach, we use lasers, broad band light, microneedling, subscission, PRP, growth factors and stem cell therapy to make scars virtually disappear. Every scar has differences in contour, texture and pigmentation from the surrounding skin. Your customized treatment plan will be developed to target the specific features of your scar.

Make your scar disappear with laser scar resurfacing in Miami Beach.

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What It Is

Laser scar resurfacing is a combination of treatment modalities designed specifically to target the features of individual scars. It frequently involves several of the following treatments: ProFractional laser, Halo hybrid fractional laser, broad band light (BBL), microneedling, subscission and soft tissue remodeling with platelet rich plasma (PRP), fat grafting, growth factors and stem cell therapy.

What It Does

This series of multi-modal treatments targets the contour, texture and pigmentation of scars to reduce the appearance of scars. Soft tissue remodeling with PRP, growth factors, stem cells and fat grafting smooth any contour irregularites. ProFractional laser improves the texture of the surface of the scar. Halo laser and BBL reduce the irregular pigmentation of scars. The ultimate goal is a scar you can’t see or feel.

What To Expect

Almost all scars will have a significant improvement in their appearance with laser scar resurfacing. Each scar is different and the combination of treatments used to optimize your results will depend on the character of the scar. Scar resurfacing usually requires a series of treatments to get the best results. At the end of the treatment, you will see that it’s worth it.

Conditions Treated

Any type of scar can be treated with scar resurfacing or remodeling using some or all of these treatments. During your consultation, specific treatment modalities will be selected to optimize your treatment.

Scar Types

Acne Scars


Procedure TimeVaries
Recovery Time0-2 Weeks
Visible Effects4 Weeks