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Weekend Laser Peel

Soft, Smooth Skin With MicroLaserPeel In Miami Beach

Some fine lines and a little bit of sun damage, but its enough to get you down. Don’t stay down. Fight fine lines and uneven pigmentation with the precision of MicroLaserPeel in Miami Beach, and look good as new in few days.

MicroLaserPeel is precise erbium laser resurfacing that removes a razor-thin layer of aging or sun damaged skin. Its everything you want, and nothing you don’t. The fine lines and uneven pigmentation at the surface of the skin are vaporized to an exact depth leaving fresh, new, healthy skin behind. The best part is that the skin recovers completely within a few days.

Get rid of aging and dead skin and show a fresh, new face to the world with MicroLaserPeel in Miami Beach.

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What It Is

MicroLaserPeel is a precise way to get rid of fine lines and pigmentation at the surface of the skin, and have soft, smooth skin within a few days. The depth of the treatment is customizable up to 50 microns, depending on the severity of the fine lines or wrinkles, with the option to adjust the settings to improve the elasticity of the skin.

What It Does

This laser skin rejuvenation removes a very precise layer of skin and the fine lines and uneven pigmentation with it. MicroLaserPeel strips away superficial, mild wrinkles and pigmentation easily. It gives you the opportunity to have great looking skin with minimal down time.

What To Expect

The aged and damaged layers of skin will peel away within a few days. After that, the new skin underneath will be soft and smooth with a more even skin tone.


Treatment Areas

Face & Neck


Procedure Time30 Mins
Recovery Time3-5 Days
Visible Effects5 Days