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Smooth and Tighten Skin

Microneedling in Miami Beach

Hold on to your tight, smooth youthful skin. Microneedling is a simple treatment that has been used in spas and salons everywhere for a long time to improve the quality of skin. To optimize this treatment, we have added enhancements to microneedling in Miami Beach to get the best results for your skin.

Microneedling is a simple way to improve pigmentation, pores and fine lines. This treatment stimulates a healing response in the skin that increases collagen and elastin production and helps reduce pigmentation. The result is smoother, tighter skin with more even tone. This treatment works by creating microchannels in the surface of the skin. These microchannels allow medications, growth factors and stem cells to penetrate the surface of the skin to magnify the healing response and optimize your results.

Don’t just settle for ordinary microneedling. Get the most out of this quick, easy treatment with enhanced microneedling in Miami Beach.

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What It Is

Microneedling is a minimally-invasive treatment that can improve texture and firmness of the skin, and reduce pore size and the appearance of scars and stretch marks. The treatment uses an automated, fractional micro-needling device after applying topical anesthesia. Microneedling treatments can be combined with medications, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), growth factors and stem cells.

What It Does

The treatment involves fine needles creating tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, triggering the body to create new collagen and elastin. The newly formed collagen increases the thickness and strength of the skin and the elastin increases skin tightness. Enhanced treatment that combines topical medications or regenerative serums increases this effect.

What To Expect

Usually about 3-5 days after the procedure, the skin will begin to appear smoother and tighter and the skin tone will be more even. The skin continues to age as time passes, so this treatment is generally performed as part of regular skin rejuvenation and maintenance.


Treatment Areas



Procedure Time30 Mins
Recovery Time3 Days
Visible Effects5-7 Days
Maintenance3-4 Months