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Bigger, Harder, Stronger

P-Shot In Miami Beach

Very few men would say no to a bigger penis, harder erections and better sexual performance. If you’re not in that lucky group, the P-Shot in Miami Beach can help give you exactly that. This injection of platelet rich plasma (PRP) can help you have the kind of sex you want to have.</>

The P-Shot is an painless injection of PRP, which contains growth factors involved in wound healing, that are concentrated into a serum derived from your own blood. These naturally-occurring growth factors have been shown to stimulate increased collagen and blood supply. Using PRP, the P-Shot can effectively treat erectile dysfunction and also increase the size of the penis.</>

The P-Shot gives harder erections that last longer, increased sexual stamina and can enlarge the penis. Boost your sexual performance and try the P-shot in Miami Beach today.</>

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What It Is

The P-Shot is an infusion of your body’s own natural growth factors in a concentrated serum to improve erectile function and stamina that can also increase the size of the penis. It is a natural way to harness the healing power of the body to improve sexual performance.

What It Does

The P-Shot concentrates the growth factors normally present in the blood and infuses them into the penis to rejuvenate the specific areas involved with erectile function and sexual performance. The infusion of growth factors has been shown to increase blood supply, collagen production and tissue regeneration.

What To Expect

A significant improvement in sexual performance can happen within a few days of having the P-Shot. Enlargement of the penis may take a few weeks as the tissue regenerates. The end results is harder erections, better sexual stamina and a bigger penis.

Conditions Treated

The P-Shot is designed for male enhancement and can treat erectile dysfunction, increase the size of the penis and improve sexual stamina — the ultimate goal being better, more pleasurable sex


The standard O-Shot uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) to regenerate aging tissues. The treatment can be modified to use more advanced growth factor and stem cell serums, which have tremendous regenerative potential, even beyond that of PRP.


Procedure Time30 Mins
Recovery TimeNone
Visible Effects1-2 Days
Maximum Effect6-8 Wks