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Repair Your Joints with Stem Cell Joint Therapy in Miami Beach

Are you struggling with joint pain after an injury or activity? Do you suffer from chronic pain with arthritis? Your joints are precious and they need to last a lifetime. Stem Cell Joint Therapy in Miami Beach can help repair injured or inflamed joints and reverse the damage that results from degenerative or inflammatory arthritis.

Stem Cell Joint Therapy is the most advanced regenerative treatment for injured or arthritic joints. Using cellular signaling molecules released by embryonic mesenchymal stem cells, this treatment can regenerate damaged joints for improved pain and function. Whether the problem is acute inflammation or chronic degeneration of tendons or joint cartilage, evaluation and treatment by a Board-Certified orthopedic surgeon can help stop the pain and get your joints back in motion.

Don’t suffer any longer, while your joints continue to deteriorate. Schedule a regenerative joint therapy consultation today, and find out if you may be a candidate for Stem Cell Joint Therapy in Miami Beach.

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What It Is

Stem Joint Therapy is a regenerative treatment for injured, inflamed, or arthritic joints. This treatment begins with a complete evaluation of the painful joint and review of diagnostic studies, including MRI and ultrasound by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. A non-surgical treatment plan will be designed for your specific joint condition using cellular signaling molecules released by embryonic mesenchymal stem cells.

What It Does

The goal of treatment is to reduce the inflammation and degeneration of joints that occurs with injury, activity, and arthritis. The first objective of Stem Cell Joint Therapy is to reduce the inflammation that is usually present in a painful joint with these regenerative modalities. The ultimate goal of this treatment is stop the progression of damage to the joint, the tendons and joint cartilage, and to stimulate the regeneration of these damaged tissues.

What To Expect

Relief of joint pain may begin as quickly as a few minutes after the treatment, depending on the cause of the pain. Some conditions require the regeneration of damaged tissues, which may take 3-6 months for the damaged joint tissues heal and to see the full result of Stem Cell Joint Therapy. The purpose of this biologic therapy is to reduce joint pain without surgery, and in many cases avoid the need for joint reconstruction or replacement.

Conditions Treated

Stem Cell Joint Therapy can be used to treat a number of different acute and chronic conditions that result from injury, excessive activity, or degenerative joint disease. Some of the more common conditions include arthritis and tendon injuries like rotator cuff tendinopathy, tennis elbow, Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, and more.


Procedure Time15 Mins-2 Hrs
Recovery TimeNone
Visible Effects2 Days-6 Wks
Maximum Effect3-6 Months
MaintenanceIf Needed