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Improved Sexual Performance

Stem Cell Male Enhancement In Miami Beach

Erectile dysfunction is a difficult problem that affects millions of men that can arise from underlying vascular, neurologic, and metabolic conditions. Stem Cell Male Enhancement Therapy in Miami Beach is designed to address these underlying causes to restore erectile function and improve sexual performance.

The cellular signaling molecules released by embryonic mesenchymal stem cells can direct your own native tissues and precursor cells to regenerate tissues affected by aging and disease. These growth factors can stimulate increased blood flow, nerve regeneration, and improved smooth muscle function to effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

Stem Cell Male Enhancement Therapy in Miami Beach is intended to provide firmer erections that last longer, increased sexual stamina, and more pleasurable sex. Schedule a Stem Cell Male Enhancement therapy consultation today and start having better sex.

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What It Is

Stem cells are pluripotential cells that have the ability to differentiate and become a variety of different cell types that are involved in embryonic development and wound healing. These stem cells have been shown to have regenerative potential for adult tissues, mediated by cellular-signaling molecules. These cellular-signaling molecules can direct your own native cells and tissues to stop degenerating and start regenerating to restore their structure and function.

What It Does

Stem Cell Male Enhancement Therapy in Miami Beach uses signaling molecules produced by embryonic stem cells to stimulate regeneration of the tissues involved with erectile function. This tissue repair may involve development of new blood vessels, regeneration of sensory and motor nerves, and improved smooth muscle function.

What To Expect

Regeneration of the tissues involved with erectile function requires a period of time, so while patients may begin to see these effects of stem cell therapy within a few weeks, the maximum effect of this type of treatment may not be seen for 3- 6 months. Maintenance treatment may be performed annually to offset the continuing degeneration of tissues associated with aging.

Conditions Treated

Stem Cell Male Enhancement Therapy in Miami Beach is designed to treat erectile dysfunction, improve sexual stamina, and may also increase the size of the penis — the ultimate goal being better, more pleasurable sex.


Procedure Time30 Mins
Recovery TimeNone
Visible Effects2 Days-2 Weeks
Maximum Effect3-6 Months
MaintenanceAnnual As Needed