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It’s bloody good

Restore Your Skin from Within With Vampire Facial in Miami Beach

That sure is an unusual name for a facial. If you’ve looked at Instagram over the last few years, you’ve seen celebrities raving about it, but what is it and what can it do for you?

The Vampire Facial in Miami Beach is a skin rejuvenation treatment that taps into the body’s natural healing power to restore collagen and elastin, reduce sun spots and uneven pigmentation, smooth wrinkles and fine lines and improve skin texture and tone. The Vampire Facial uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a serum rich in natural growth factors, and micro-needling to stimulate regeneration of the deeper layers of the skin. Did you say micro-needling? Don’t worry. At Azuri we use a powerful topical anesthetic to alleviate any pain.

No need to worry about pain, staying out of the sun, or long recovery time. This treatment can get your skin back in shape and maintain smooth, soft glowing skin for many years to come. Try Vampire Facial in Miami Beach today.

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What It Is

Vampire Facial is a complete skin rejuvenation treatment that uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) and microneedling. The PRP is a concentrate of the healing growth factors from your own blood. Micro-needling is a simple procedure that stimulates regeneration of the deeper layers of the skin. The fusion of the two supercharges the regeneration of the skin.

What It Does

Vampire Facial uses the natural healing growth factors that circulate in your own blood to rejuvenate your skin. These growth factors are concentrated into a regenerative serum that infuses the skin with the help of microneedling. The treatment breaks up uneven pigmentation and stimulates new collagen and elastin formation to improve thinning skin and restore the elasticity of your skin.

What To Expect

You will start to see the results of the Vampire Facial within 5-7 days of treatment, but you wont see the full effect for 2-3 months. Vampire Facial can give you a significant improvement in sun spots and uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture and tone. It can help you correct skin damage from aging and sun exposure and give you soft smooth skin.



Vampire Facial
Vampire Facial BioPro


Treatment Time45 Mins
Recovery Time2-3 Days
Visible Effects5-7 Days
Benefits Last3-6 Months